Someone said, one of 2013 top topic is C2S2(Cloud, Curation, Smart and Social)

so I looked for what the curation is.
Curation is very important thing nowadays. so we can mix with Cloud, Smart phone and Social network.


Why is Content Curation Valuable?
People and organizations are now making and sharing media and content all over the social web.   For example, on Facebook the average user creates 90 pieces of content each month.  If you multiply that by the 800 million Facebook users,  it isn’t surprising that  data or content on the Internet is  measured in exabytes, or billions of gigabytes.      Simply put, we are living an era of content abundance.     A content curator offers high value to anyone looking for quality content because finding that information (and making sense of it) requires more and more time, attention, and focus.


and I found one presentation document about social curation but it is written down in Korean.

another one,

The new opportunity for PaaS vendors: cloud services curation

As the PaaS market transitions from nascent to mature, a new opportunity is emerging: cloud services curation. Peter Sonsini, general partner at NEA, predicts that cloud services curation will help PaaS players broaden their reach and amplify their strategic impact within the technology landscape.


if the curation will be mixing with cloud, smart phone and social network, the influence will be bigger.

큐레이션(소셜 큐레이션)은 인터넷상에서 쏟아지는 정보 가운데 이용자에 필요한 콘텐츠를 선별해주는 서비스다. 스마트기기 확산 그리고 정보의 홍수 속에서 C2S2가 다양한 비즈니스 모델로 구현할 것이란 예측이다.


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